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Hotel in Mahavir Enclave Delhi

Sep 21

The SSS Group Hotel in Mahavir Enclave extends an invitation to you to conduct an outstanding event there in its inspirational and contemporary settings. It has roomy banquet facilities, classy and cosy event rooms, devoted staff support, and awe-inspiring ambiance. SSS Group Hotel, conveniently located in Mahavir Enclave Sector 1, is a well-liked venue for special events and gatherings. Additionally, the property has 14 spacious rooms on the same grounds, which will leave you feeling refreshed and at ease. The accommodations include amenities including air conditioning, an LED television, a chair and table, sofa seating, and an attached bathroom with hot and cold running water. For a fun and stress-free stay, SSS Group Hotel additionally offers Free Wi-Fi, room service, front desk, and complete power backup.

Renowned for providing the best lodging services The  SSS Group Hotel has elevated itself to the top of the hospitality sector thanks to its proximity to the IGI Airport Mahavir Enclave in Delhi and state-of-the-art amenities. All areas of Delhi NCR and the Dashrathpuri Metro rail are easily accessible from the SSS Group Hotel. Markets, shopping centres, office buildings, and travel destinations to Delhi are all nearby.

SSS Group Hotel has elevated to the status of the centre of attention by providing top-notch amenities at surprisingly affordable costs. The building's façade and interior have been planned with residential norms in mind. Travelers from all around India and the nation, as well as business guests, make up our clientele. Regardless of the demands of each visitor, we are fully prepared to their visit.

The location is one of its USPs. Our hotel is well situated in the Delhi suburb of Mahavir Eclave, close to expansive retail malls and other significant locations. It is a very convenient location for travellers because we are near to the domestic airport in Delhi.

Since 2010, SSS Group Hotel has been successful in identifying market demands and developing trustworthy solutions to meet them all. located in the centre of Delhi's Mahavir Enclave. The only inexpensive hotel in South West Delhi with a prominent position that welcomes guests of all kinds. a short distance from the Delhi domestic airport. The most convenient, well-known, and mid-range hotel for those staying in South West Delhi for business or pleasure.

The SSS Group Hotel residential experience offers a view of a residential building, clean rooms with plush bedding, a workstation in the room, free Wi-Fi, and room service. It is situated 25 minutes from Delhi Domestic International Airport. We have some of the biggest rooms.

Accommodations include comfy mattresses and facilities like a satellite LED television, free wireless high-speed internet access, a tea service, and many more to make your stay unforgettable in any of the 14 elegant rooms at SSS Group Hotel.

Check-in of SSS Group Hotel

At check-in, please provide your government-issued ID card (driver's licence, Aadhar card, voter ID, passport). Visitors are required by law to provide personal documentation for the hotel's records. These papers will be given back after you leave. Early Check-In is entirely contingent upon space and can incur a fee. The entire amount must be paid before checking in.

Departure of SSS Group Hotel

11 AM is the check-out time. If you want to stay in your room after this time, please let the front desk know. Depending on availability, an extension will be granted. The management shall have the right to remove the visitor and his or her possessions from the room occupied by the Guest upon failure of the Guest to quit the room on expiration of term. If the accommodation is available, the extension fees are as follows: 1) From noon till one-quarter of the room rent 2) Half of the room rent is due till 3 PM. 3) Full Room Rent till 5 PM

Pets in SSS Group Hotel

Pets are not allowed in the hotel premises.

Hazardous Goods

It is forbidden to bring items and/or store raw or exposed films from movies, as well as any other articles that are flammable, dangerous, illegal, or otherwise undesirable. For any financial or other loss and damage that may arise from such items or as a consequence of the guests' own carelessness and disregard for any directions, the guest shall be fully liable and responsible to the management, its other guests, invitees, visitors, agents and staff. On hotel property, it is against the law to gamble, carry illegal substances, engage in prostitution, or have firearms, explosives, combustible items, poisons, narcotics, animals, or strong-smelling food.

Loss of Property

Any loss or damage to hotel property brought on by the visitor, their visitors, or anybody else for whom they are responsible will be held against them.

SSS Group Hotel Administration's Rights

It is understood that the visitor would act respectably and not create any irritation or disturbance on the hotel property. Any visitor may be asked to leave their room or other hotel facilities immediately at the Management's discretion, without prior warning and without giving any explanation at all. The guest is obligated to comply with the order. In the event of a default, the Management has the right to remove the Guest's possessions and baggage from the room that they are currently occupying.

The SSS Group Hotel management reserves the right, at any time, to add to, modify, or amend any of the aforementioned terms, conditions, and rules.