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How do I choose an electric scooter for commuting?

Oct 9

Electric kick scooters are a new, fast way to get around the city. Many riders commute short distances each day by using an electric scooter. The electric scooter is a portable and affordable method of private transportation. A non-electric scooter for kids is also a cost-effective solution.

How do you pick the best scooter for you? Which kick scooter is best? These are the key features to look out for when buying a commuter scooter.


You want to make sure that your commuter scooter is comfortable. It is better to be more comprehensive. It would be best to control the scooter with your hands during your ride. A restricted handlebar can cause fatigue in your arms and shoulders. 

Choose a commuter scooter with wider handlebars to maximize your control and confidence. You should look for an e-scooter with a large deck, especially if you are taking long trips. No matter what riding style you prefer, you want to be able to adjust the position of your feet on your scooter.

Wider tires can also be used to improve the mobility of your electric scooter. These tires offer excellent stability and comfort when navigating difficult roads in your city.

Rider position

For optimal riding position, we recommend a 75-degree stem angle. This ideal position, combined with a more expansive deck, handlebars, and tires, will result in a more enjoyable e-scooter commute.


The power of the scooters is another factor that sets them apart. It would be best if you powered through hills and streets without difficulty, whether you use your scooter for a daily commute or a weekend trip in the city.

The motor is the key.

The motor horsepower is the most crucial consideration. It is measured in watts. It would be best if you aimed to buy an e-scooter with at least 300W to 350W motor power. This should allow you to climb uphill in most urban environments.

To optimize for maximum distance, power should be balanced. Many commuter scooters provide 25-31+ miles of autonomy with a single charge. This should be sufficient for most urban scooter commuters.

You will also need a scooter to keep up with street traffic. For example, the NIU KQi3 electric bike has a top speed of 20 mph.

Safety and reliability

Safety is a must when you ride an electric scooter to work. It would be best if you had an electric scooter that is safe for you and those around you, whether riding along roads or biking on bike paths. Are electric scooters safe? They can be if you select one with the proper safety features.

Sound and sight

Visibility is the first safety concern you must pay attention to, especially at night. You should ensure that your e-scooter has tail- and headlights. Ensure the scooter has a high beam and brake lights for added safety. 

These lights are essential for notifying anyone in your immediate vicinity that you are nearby during night or day trips. Second, it is essential to be heard and seen. Make sure that your kick scooter has a bell. This is preferably an analog one. This can be useful at night and during the day, especially when passing other vehicles or pedestrians.

Braking and maneuverability

You should also consider the brakes you would like on your e-scooter. Choose a brake system with actual brake levers and not a thumb switch for maximum reliability. Many scooters include regenerative brakes that will help you slow down as soon as you release the throttle.

Trust and quality

Quality is just as important as the parts. Choosing an e-scooter made from high-quality materials, such as aerospace-grade aluminum, would be best. A good tip is to choose a scooter with a battery in its deck. This provides balance and a lower center of gravity than a scooter without a stem.

Convenient and smart features

Your electric scooter should be not only safe, comfortable, and powerful but also intelligent!

App-enabled Features

Many electric scooters have smart application integration. This displays information about the vehicle and offers additional options for riders. Keep an eye out for anti-theft features. 

This includes an app-enabled alarm that activates the electronic brake system when the scooter is moved, making it very difficult to wheel it away. It's a standard feature on intelligent scooters, but it's nice to integrate ride statistics into the app functionality to track your trips.

Maximum convenience

You should find features that adapt to your riding style, such as multiple modes. For example, the KQi3 has an E-Save mode that maximizes range, Sport mode for high speed and Custom to set your top speed. 

There's also a Pedestrian mode for assisted scooter walking or slow rides. Many electric scooters can be folded easily for easy storage at home, work, or while on public transportation.


This will help you make an informed decision about the key features that set a commuter scooter apart. These are just a few of the essential features. Other factors, such as budget, are also important to consider when purchasing.