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Which electric scooter is best for a long drive?

Oct 9

An electric scooter is the future of transport, as it doesn't need gasoline (which pollutes the atmosphere) to work. It is possible to travel from one place to the next quickly and not spend any fuel. It is not necessary to register for a driver's license. You can charge it at a regular 220-volt outlet.

Although an electric scooter can be used to move around the city, many people worry about its range. We will look closely at some electric scooters with great driving ranges.

Xiaomi M365 Pro

Xiaomi's electric scooters are becoming more common in cities all over the globe. This is likely due to their low price and high quality.



It is easy to put together the M365 Pro right out of the box. The M365 Pro is an excellent option for those renting electric scooters in the city. You get a faster response when you accelerate and a significantly improved acceleration. 

You can get away quickly from a stoplight and often reach your point B faster than motorists or cyclists when you are city driving. The maintained speed allows you to climb slopes, even though you may need muscle power quickly. The braking system is more reliable than the scooters.

Dualtron X

The Dualtron X is a unique experience. You will feel like you are being launched from a trebuchet by choosing the most aggressive mode and opening the throttle. This scooter's incredible power is translated into a lightning-fast acceleration that almost seems addictive.


The electric scooter's rated power is 6720 watts. The scooter has a four-wheel drive, 16 damping modes, and hydraulic brakes on its 13-inch wheels. The maximum load allowed is 160 kg.

The 48 Ah LG battery powers the Dualtron X, which can last 150km of travel.

A small display is mounted on the steering wheel, displaying information about operating mode, speed, and remaining charge.


You can fold the steering wheel for more convenience, but this will not be possible due to the heavy scooter's weight (up to 66.5 kg).